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Paul Stafford  - Smooth Urban Jazz Artist

Paul Stafford is a Jazz Artist / Keyboardist who has a smooth sound of Urban Jazz, Funk, Electric Rock Fusion as well as R & B.  Born in Houston, Texas in the early 1960’s, Paul Stafford got his start by beating on shoe boxes at the age of 3. He Received his first drum set at 5 while under the watchful eye of his big brother, who at the time was already gigging in clubs. His brother was slowly preparing Paul for the next level by bringing home sheet music to play from the high school. By now Paul was playing all brass instruments: Trumpet, Trombone and the Baritone. In the early to mid 70’s Paul was playing Conga’s, Trumpet and Trombone in the Houston – Austin, Texas club circuit. He slowly would gravitate to the piano in the Band Hall before and after practice daily. Thanks to the jazz station, he was able to expand his awareness of music by being introduced to the different styles of jazz in the 70’s. (Jeff Lorber, George Duke, Joe Sample, Chick Corea & RTF).  Paul moved to Europe in February 1982 to further his education, where he was able to network with musicians from all over the world. He has shared the stage with Howard Hewett and Peabo Bryson. After a decade of no recordings, He’s now part of the UMI Jazz Industry.

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