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Hanging Old School

They Say that “Time Flies When You’re Having Fun” – I’ve found this to be true. It was 1995 or 96 when I first met Jimmie Hunter (Bass Player) and Byron Caine (Sax Player). These guys were the first of many musicians that I performed with upon my return from Europe. I had the pleasure of working with Byron and Jimmie on the 1997 ”SunRize” CD project. Byron on the hit single “Full Moon”and Jimmie on “Living”. The picture you see above was taken within 2 minutes of reconnecting in over a decade. We shared a few laughs and discussed our lives. An artist sound and approach to any genre of music is their signature. 22 years later these guys have crafted a signature sound as if they were twins. It’s no different than identifying someone by their walk from a distance. If you listen close enough to my music you will hear my signature as well. Please check out the new single "Brown Girl".


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